Thursday, November 29, 2007

Financial Modeling

Building Financial Models
John Tjia

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The Mathematics of Financial Modeling and Investment Management
Sergio M. Focardi , Frank J. Fabozzi

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Financial Modeling - 2nd Edition: Includes CD
Simon Benninga
The MIT Press

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Business, Economics, and Finance with Matlab, GIS, and Simulation Models
Patrick L. Anderson
Chapman & Hall/CRC

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PAB said...

Please re upload "The Mathematics of Financial Modelling" of Fabozzi. THE FILE IS DAMAGED!!! please

Finance Guru said...

Is your downloaded file size 4464 KB? Plz check. Cause I just downloaded the file and everything seems ok.

PAB said...

sorry. it´s ok. i ´ve tried to read it with foxit reader and i have no problem. maybe i have an old version of acrobat reader.

thanks. thanks for this blog

drdre69 said...

Great blog! only problem is rapidshare links die after 90 days. are you able to re-upload Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga? Thanks much

dd said...

Could you please upload Financial Modelling 2E (BEnniga) again please as link is invalid now. Thanks

praguegirl said...

Please re upload Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga! Thank you very much!

Finance Guru said...

Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga uploaded at last. Sorry for the delay :(

nak said...

Hi Finance Guru,

Could you kindly upload "Financial Modeling by Simon Benninga".

Thank you very much!

Fairy Dance said...

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You can find the book 'Financial Modelling' there.

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